€œThe Honey Files Teacher€™s Guide

“The Honey Files” is a comprehensive video and educational guide available from the National Honey Board. The Video is also available online. Click Here to watch it online today.

This 20-minute VHS/DVD video and 96-page teacher’s guide will have you and your students buzzing! Designed especially for educators of grades 4-6, these fun, new educational materials provide information, classroom activities and reproducible worksheets about bees, honey and pollination.

You may freely download a PDF file of the teacher’s guide, which you may then reproduce pages from as needed. Honey Files Teacher’s Guide PDF (3.2 MB)
The complete set costs $6.50 for certified educators, and $15.00 for others. To order, call 1-800-553-7162.

Teacher’s Guide Table of Contents:

Honey Bees Biology

Educator’s Overview: Insects and Honey Bee Biology
Glossary of Honey Bee Anatomical Characteristics
Worksheet #1: The Honey Bee Body
Activity #1: Honey Bee By Design
Glossary of Honey Bee Life Stages
Worksheet #2: Honey Bee Life Stages
Worksheet #3: Queen Bees, Worker Bees and Drones, Oh My!
Activity #2: Diary of a Honey Bee’s Metamorphosis
Insect Identification Tips
Worksheet #4: A Bee or Not a Bee - Comparing Honey Bees with Similar Insects
Activity #3: Bee Stings
Honey Bee Stinging Apparatus
Supplemental Worksheet: Honey Bee Biology Crossword Puzzle


Educator’s Overview: Honey Bee Society
Glossary of Honey Bee Society
Worksheet #5: Honey Bee Duties
Honey, I’d Love To Dance
Activity #4: Dances With Bees
Activity #5: Pheromones
Worksheet #6: What Bees Eat
Supplemental Worksheet: Matching Hives

The Hive - The Honey Bee’s Home

Educator’s Overview: The Hive
Glossary of the Hive -The Honey Bee’s Home
Activity #6: Polygons For Everyone
Worksheet #7: Home, Sweet Honey, Home
Activity #7: A Honey of a Hive


Educator’s Overview: Pollination
Glossary of Flower Parts
Worksheet #8: Flower Power
Activity #8: Flower Surgery
Activity #9: Pollen, Pollen, Everywhere
Activity #10: Bee Watching, Be Careful
Activity #11: Bees - A Bum Rap?
Worksheet #9: Honey Bees - More Than Just Honey


Educator’s Overview: Honey
Worksheet #10: The History of Honey
Activity #12: The Many Uses of Honey
Activity #13: The Color of Honey, A Taste Sensation
Worksheet #11: Honey Around the Country
Activity #14: How Dense Can It Be?
Activity #15: Why Does Honey Come in Different Forms?
Activity #16: Tongue Mapping
Supplemental Information: Kid’s Recipes


Educator’s Overview: Beekeepers
Glossary of Beekeeper’s Equipment
Worksheet #12: A Beekeeper’s Equipment
Worksheet #13: Additional Honey Bee Products
Supplemental Worksheet: Migratory Beekeeper Maze

Additional Unit Activities

Videotape Worksheet: Honey Bee Word Search
Honey Bee Trivia Questions
Honey Bee Math
Answer Keys