National Honey Board
MiLBTM, NHB Team Up with
Sweet Discount Offers for Baseball Fans

In 2015, the National Honey Board, Minor League Baseball™ and fourteen participating MiLB™ teams are joining forces to bring you an amazing Free Cap offer. Just purchase any brand or size container of pure, natural honey and bring your original receipt to the participating team’s ticket office at the ballpark to take advantage of this special offer. This program is designed to increase the awareness and consumption of honey while offering fans a Free Cap.

Enjoy all the benefits of pure, natural honey! The 2015 Free Cap Offer is limited to one redemption per person per game.

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Energy Recipes


In today's hectic lifestyle, we oftentimes feel rushed or zapped of energy and, as a result, don't make the best food choices. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, but don't want to reach for a less than nutritious snack, try pure, delicious honey. As a natural source of carbohydrates - the body's primary fuel source - honey provides a quick and simple solution to beat any energy slump.

These easy-to-make, energy boosting recipes are suited for the whole family. Whether you're playing in the big game or watching from the stands, honey will sustain you through the last play of the game.

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