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National Cherry Month is as Sweet as Can Bee

Posted by National Honey Board on February 22, 2017 - 9:31 PM

National Cherry Month is as Sweet as Can Bee

Honey Almond Cherry Granola

It’s National Cherry Month, and we think there are few partnerships sweeter than honey bees and cherries. You may recall our recent blog post about the importance of honey bees to the almond crop, but did you know that honey bees are also responsible for pollinating many of our favorite fruits and vegetables too?

Following the busy almond pollination, honey bees are trucked across the country to pollinate many other crops, from cucumbers to alfalfa to, yes, even cherries. Responsible for nearly 80 percent of insect pollination, honey bees will be very busy the next few months, and we thought what better way to celebrate their work than with a few delicious honey-inspired recipes featuring the fruit of the month – cherries.

From granola bars to cocktails, cherries are almost as versatile an ingredient as honey. Below you will find eight tasty recipes that showcase not only the diverse uses of honey, but the sweet and savory applications of cherries as well.

Whether you enjoy them fresh, dried or baked, there is no denying that cherries and honey make one sweet team.

Do you have a favorite cherry recipe? Sound off about it in the comments below.

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