A Golden Partnership with 3-time Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings!

Kerri Walsh Black Background2

You've heard it here, folks! We are beyond excited to announce that we will be partnering with 3-time Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, of beach volleyball fame!

As a star athlete, mother, wife, and active charitable leader, she is a tremendous role model both on and off the sand. Kerri's values fall in line with honey, a wholesome ingredient.

In an effort to increase awareness of the multi-faceted benefits of honey, we knew that Kerri would be the perfect fit for honey. Balancing life as an athlete and mother of three, Jennings finds ways to incorporate honey into her everyday life. By using it in her workout regimen as a natural energy booster and as a versatile culinary ingredient for her family, she finds a multitude of ways to include honey into her lifestyle.

"Honey is an ingredient that I incorporate into every workout to give me a natural boost of energy," explains Jennings. "Since working with the folks at the National Honey Board, I realized that I use honey more than a supplement to workouts—it's a key part of a balanced lifestyle and perfect for my whole family."

So throughout 2014, Jennings will be highlighting the ways she already uses honey as a natural cough suppressant for her family and a beauty ingredient to keep her skin looking fresh, sharing culinary tips on ways to incorporate honey into dishes and of course, speaking about the reasons why she turns to honey for a natural energy boost.

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