Big City Moms!


Next week we will be exhibiting at our first show of 2014 and we are so excited! Which show, you ask? Big City Moms in Miami!

If you'll recall, last year we exhibited at the New York Baby Show and it was such a great success, we knew we needed to look into another family friendly show for this year. We initially chose these types of shows because after some research, we realized there was a lot of misinformation out there about the correct age to feed honey to children. Our mission was to inform parents that after the age of one, children are able to consume honey.

This year, our messaging will remain educational and we will not only be reminding parents of the correct age to feed honey to children, but also that honey can be used as a cough suppressant.

We've teamed up with Nurse Barb to create innovative honey cough recipes and to educate consumers on why this pantry staple can also be housed in the medicine cabinet. Nurse Barb has long supported using honey as a natural cough suppressant. "When children are sick with a cough and sore throat, honey is the sweet solution I recommend because it works and tastes great," she says. She created the Honey Lemon Coughsicles and the Honey Cough Syrup for us last year and they've both been a hit!

So if you'll be in the Big City Moms show in Miami on February 4th, make sure you stop by our booth. We cannot wait to meet all the attendees at the show and share our love of honey!

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