Guest Post by Kerri Walsh: The Buzz About Gold

Kwj White

Nothing is more exciting to me than competing in the Summer Games, but having the opportunity to kick back and watch the Winter Games was a real treat. The pursuit of gold in Sochi was truly a triumph of the physical and the spiritual, and watching inspired me even more for the 2016 Games. It also reminded me that there are so many elements to consider when preparing for such an important event, and even the smallest choices can be game-changing. 

As a professional athlete and busy mom of three, I can always use some help in the energy department. I turn to honey for a quick and natural energy boost, which helps me power through each day. I also found that using honey as an all-natural moisturizer is perfect for combating dry skin in the winter. This tip would have definitely been a lifesaver for the winter Olympians in Sochi.

Who knew enhancing your beauty routine could be as easy as walking to your pantry? Here's how it works:

  • • Honey is a proven and effective natural moisturizer because it's a humectant with antimicrobial properties. Honey attracts and retains moisture, both qualities that can keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
  • • As an anti-irritant, honey is also a preferred ingredient for those with sensitive skin and acne (we've all been there). It can help manage breakouts while keeping skin moisturized and looking fresh.

I've teamed up with the folks at the National Honey Board, and I'm excited to share tips and tricks with you throughout the year about ways I use this naturally golden ingredient. One of my favorite new finds is their moisturizing honey treatment. It's really simple and only has four ingredients—honey, yogurt, oatmeal and bananas—that I already had sitting out on my counter from breakfast this morning. You can thank me later!

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