Honey.com Has a New Layout!


The new Honey.com website has been a project in the works for a long-time and we are happy to finally launch it, making it available to consumers, as well as industry members and foodservice professionals.

The new site is more user-friendly and boasts a new and fun design that showcases honey's natural attributes. It's easy to navigate and we are confident that users will enjoy spending time on it, as well as easily find what they are looking for. 

With all the wonderful and educational information the National Honey Board has to offer, it was imperative that the new site was both intuitive and easy to navigate for visitors. With the newly designed tabbed sections, each of the audiences that visit our site can easily find the information they are seeking. The tabs across the top, Honey at Home, Foodservice and Honey Industry are all geared towards specific audiences, so each visitor can find content and ideas that will be helpful to them.  

We encourage you to browse the new website and check out all the wonderful information we have to offer!   

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