#HoneySweetRelief on a Sunny Day in SoCal

Kerri At Event

It's officially summer vacation and we are so excited for what's in store the next few months.

The National Honey Board and Pro Volleyball player and Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings kicked summer off in style by visiting Hermosa Beach on June 6. Armed with honey bear bottles, honey sticks and honey lip balms, the team hit the beach to bring beach goers sweet relief from the hot summer sun.

At the event, Walsh Jennings challenged beach bums on the sand court. Every hour, a couple of lucky people were randomly selected to play a quick match of volleyball with Walsh Jennings.

To attract beach goers, the team built a huge tent, filled with chaise lounges, chairs, couches, photo booth and sweet honey snacks and beverages. Crowd favorites ranged from Honey Blueberry Citrus Slush, to an energizing Pomegranate Apple with Honey Shot. In addition to the sweet sips, the team served up some delicious honey snacks like Honey Caramel Corn and Super Fast Honey Snack. Beach combers agreed: honey is the perfect natural energizer to recover from the hot summer sun.

Who knows—maybe the team will hit your area next summer to bring sweet relief!

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