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Made-with-Honey Beverages Brighten Summer Days

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Looking back just five short months ago, the 2020 beverage trend outlook illustrated themes of non-alcoholic drinks, functionality and “getting back to basics” like all-natural ingredients and nostalgic flavors, according to Quite a bit has changed in the last five months, including what beverages are trending. However, one thing has not changed: the role honey plays in meeting consumer demands for beverages that provide comfort, guilt-free indulgence or functionality. 


Whether you’re looking for a thirst quencher during home workouts, a sweet afternoon sip or an innovative new flavor combination, these new made-with-honey beverages are sure to brighten your summer days. Let’s take a journey throughout the course of a day and see how you can incorporate honey from morning to night.


Start the day with Wild Tonic’s Jun Kombucha lineup, which has recently expanded to 8 fl. oz. slim cans. Jun is a non-alcoholic kombucha that is made with honey. Try Raspberry Goji Rose, Blueberry Basil, Blackberry Mint or Mango Ginger for a sweet kickstart to the morning.


Need some midday meditation? Sip on Golden Turmeric Oat Milk Latte from La Di Da. Made with wildflower honey, turmeric, chai blend, sea salt, cardamom extract and black pepper extract, this is a great drink for a midday stress break. Each RTD can provides 2 grams of protein.



Have a tough afternoon run or at-home workout? Try Pucker Pickle Juice’s Honey Hibiscus Lemonade, a refreshing all-natural made-with-honey drink that is the company’s first non-vinegar beverage. The ingredients are combined for a nutritious twist on traditional lemonades in a 16 oz. bottle.


Settle down at night with Nature’s Way Sambucus Hot Drink — Honey Lemon-Berry variety. This soothing hot drink mix is made with honey, 100 mg of black elderberry extract and natural flavors, and it contains no artificial coloring or flavoring, gluten or soy. There are 90 mg of vitamin C per serving.


For those who want to ramp it up at night, Southern Tier Cider Works recently released its new Honey Ginger cider, a bright, semi-sweet and balanced handcrafted brew made with honey, ginger and homegrown apples. This cider comes in 12 fl. oz. cans and contains 5.0% ABV. It’s available in six-packs and will be available on draft in select locations. 


We want to hear from you! Which of these made-with-honey beverages are you looking forward to trying this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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