NHB Attends Drool Baby Expo

Drool Show

Last week the NHB went to Boston, Mass. to attend the Drool Baby Expo. We are generally on the other side of the coin, in terms of being the ones exhibiting at these shows. We chose to attend this year because not only is it our first year hearing about this show, but we also wanted to make sure it would be a good fit for our 2015 exhibitor line-up. Once we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it was organized. There were staff members there to greet us getting off the elevator, full of information on where to go and how the night would unfold.

Once we took the escalator down onto the exhibiting hall, we were thrilled to see all the big names in baby gear. Not only are these shows full of the latest and greatest products to buy, but they are a wealth of knowledge for new and expecting parents.

It was neat to be on the opposite end and check out what other exhibitors are doing at their booth to attract attendees. We also noticed that we would be one of the few organizations there who are strictly there to educate the attendees. Often times we see a lot of organizations there, talking about the various topics that new parents face. We fall into this category when it comes to feeding honey to kids after the age of one, as well as educating people on honey as a natural cough suppressant.

The show was an evening full of food, fun and enough new baby products to make you wonder how we ever survived growing up in such a primitive era. Only kidding. It was a pleasure to attend and we think this this will be a great fit for the NHB and honey next year. We can't wait until we get to tell parents all about the wonderful world of honey!

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