NHB Exhibits at Mommy Con!

Mommy Con

Earlier this month the National Honey Board  traveled to Chicago to exhibit at the Mommy Con parenting and kid expo. This was our first time exhibiting at one of the Mommy Con shows and we were beyond excited to be a part of it.

We had heard about all the great products and information that would be at this show and knew it would be silly for us to miss this event. Even before the show doors opened, we could see that a massive line was gathering down the hall that went out through the doors. We knew that this ballroom would be flooded with new and expecting parents who were eager to learn not only about honey, but other brands that pertain to kids and the family.

When the show started at 10am, our booth was flooded with attendees! We had a great location right inside the main doors and people had to walk right past our booth to enter the show. We were off to a busy start and the show just flew by. The families attending the show loved our booth, our giveaways and our honey messaging.

We have exhibited at a few shows over the past year and this one was another great choice for us.  Not only did we have exceptional traffic to our booth, we also felt like we were connecting with parents and arming them with information about honey. We like the show so much that we plan on doing another show next year! Mommy Con has multiple shows throughout the U.S. and we look forward to finding one (or maybe more!) shows that fit into our schedule in 2015.

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