Sweet Returns from Honey Baking Summit


We just wrapped up our third Baking Honey Summit in Chicago, and one of our favorite things about these events is seeing what the most talented bakers in the world can do with honey after spending the day learning about this natural sweetener and working with it.

We recently had the opportunity to taste the sweet returns of the Honey Baking Summit when two of our attendees sent us products they developed with honey for our fall board meeting. Since we never start with dessert (ok, maybe some times we do!), we first tasted some amazing artisan breads from Saint Agnes Baking Company, including a WWII loaf that was a delicious combination of a Russian and German Rye that uses honey to provide a sweet taste.

We also sampled a Wild Rice Round and a Hungarian Raisin Rye which uses a combination of honey, molasses, cocoa and raisins.

Next up, we hit the sweets and tasted three of Muddy Paws Cheesecakes, all made with honey. First up was a honey vanilla cheesecake, which has been a standard on the bakery's menu for some time. Next, we devoured a couple slices of new products, including a lemon honey cheesecake on a pistachio graham crust and a honey blueberry lavender on a shortbread crust. All three were delicious, and took advantage of honey's ability to complement a variety of flavors.

Thank you once again to Danny Klecko of  Saint Agnes Baking Company and Tami Cabrera of Muddy Paws Cheesecake for the outstanding made with honey products.

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