The NHB's Spring Board Meeting


We just returned from our spring board meeting last week in Clearwater, Florida and it was a full week. Our board meetings generally consist of two full days of presentations, along with the opportunity for members of our board to discuss various topics in our honey industry.

But, it can't all be all work and no play. We strategically planned the location of the spring board meeting to coincide with one of our other programs, Minor League Baseball (MiLB). We partner with multiple MiLB teams each year to promote honey as an all-natural energy booster. We thought that after the first day of presentations, we could head to the ballpark to enjoy one of our selected 2014 teams.

After the first day of presentations, we all boarded the shuttle to the ballpark and it was honey and baseball for the rest of the evening. Not only are there multiple honey outfield signage locations throughout the ballpark, but we also treat fans to honey trivia throughout the game. We partner closely with the teams, as well as MiLB to make sure that the players and fans get to hear and see our honey messaging at multiple times throughout the evening.

Not only are we the official energy sponsor of our selected teams, we also provide fans the opportunity to enjoy a free team cap with the purchase (and receipt) of honey.  Or, they can bring in their original receipt and receive 10-20% off team merchandise at the team store (visit for all the detail's and to see if one of our 2014 MiLB teams are near you!).

It was not only the perfect weather for a ballgame, but also a great opportunity to enjoy some of the wonderful people who enjoy honey as much as we do. Our next meeting will be in the fall, but the wheels are already turning on how we can beat this meeting.  

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