Water Bottle Giveaway Winners

Honey With Vanilla Beans

We would like to thank all who entered our Water Bottle Giveaway last Thursday. We had a great deal of buzz, but we could only have ten winners. Our lucky ten are:

  1. Carla R. – MN.
  2. Anne R.L.  – OH.
  3. Russell G. – Canada
  4. Kristi S. – NE.
  5. Anne P. – NJ.
  6. Michele M. – MS.
  7. Melinda G. – MO.
  8. Naomi E. – LA.
  9. Rachel G. – NE.
  10. Lisa L. – FL.

Congratulations to all the winners! Our winners have all been notified and the prizes are already on their way to you.

The National Honey Board will be having another giveaway next Thursday, March 22nd, so please check back for your chance to win!

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