Testing and Sampling Requirements and Procedures

Under the proposal accepted by the European Union, handlers must follow a certain testing and sampling protocol with respect to the frequency of testing and the compounds that must be monitored. Each sample drawn must be tested for the compounds listed below at one of the two certified labs.

Sampling Frequency

Raw Product/Bulk:
One sample* drawn from each 10 drums including at least one sample from each producer represented in the load

Finished Goods:
One sample* per container load of finished goods including, at minimum, at least one
sample from each producer or variety represented in the container load.

*Sample size: 250 grams or as specified by test laboratory used

Compound Testing Requirements*


Compound Tolerance
Sulfonamides None
Tetracyclines None
Streptomycine None
Chloramphenicol None
Nitrofurans None
Tylosin None


Compound Tolerance
Coumaphos 100ppb
Amitraz 1000ppb
Fluvalinate 50ppb

Trade analysis:

Compound Tolerance
HMF All Per Codex
Moisture Stan 12-1981
Diastase Rev.1 (1987)
Ph Rev.2 (2001)

*Individual customers may require further testing

Authorized Testing Laboratories

Two laboratories are authorized by the E.U. for product testing under the program; Intertek Food Services GmbH or Quality Services International GmbH as summarized in the linked pages on this site. Test results and documentation must be included with shipping documents for each shipment.

Sample discounted pricing, as submitted by each lab, for the complete required testing series is documented on this site. However, please contact each lab to obtain your own quote. Pricing is subject to change and exporters must contract individually with the laboratory of their choice.