Guerilla Beekeepers, LLC

1508 South Grand Avenue
Santa Ana California 92705

[email protected]
1.855.LUV.BEES (588.2337)
Contact name: Nicole Herold & Bill Walter

Guerilla Beekeepers provides safe, humane & gentle rescue and relocation of unwanted honeybee colonies from both commercial and residential properties, 7 days a week. We are not an extermination service and absolutely will not kill your bees. Guerilla Beekeepers is experienced, fully insured, and qualified to perform both residential and commercial removals. All of our honey and hive products are produced by the honeybees that we rescue, and our apiaries are located in Silverado Canyon, California, in the Cleveland National Forest. We only practice treatment-free beekeeping so there are never any antibiotics, miticides, or fungicides found in our hives, assuring you the highest quality honey possible.

Varietals Sold:
  • Wildflower (california)
Honey Products:
  • Liquid Honey
  • Comb Honey
  • Comb in Liquid Honey
Container Sizes Sold:
  • Small containers (1 lb. or less)
Targeted Markets List:
  • Direct to Consumers
  • Wholesale - Bottled for Retailers
Orders Taken By:
  • Phone
  • Mail