Caramelized Honey Crème Brulee Latte

YIELD: Makes 2 servings


2 fl. oz.

Honey Vanilla Syrup (recipe below)

2 (double shot)


20 fl. oz.

whole milk

for garnish

whipped cream

for garnish

Burnt Honey Caramel Crumbles (recipe below)

For Honey Vanilla Syrup:

8 fl. oz.

Honey Simple Syrup

1/2 tsp.

vanilla extract

For Burnt Honey Caramel Crumbles:

2 T


2 T


1 cup

granulated sugar

2 sticks


1/2 tsp.



Combine Honey Vanilla Syrup and espresso at the bottom of a glass mug.

Top with steamed milk.

Follow with whipped cream and Burnt Honey Caramel Crumbles.

For Honey Vanilla Syrup:
Combine Honey Simple Syrup and all other ingredients in a bowl until fully integrated.
Bottle and set aside for service.

For Burnt Honey Caramel Crumbles:
Add all ingredients in a medium-size pot over medium heat and allow sugar to slowly melt as all of the ingredients combine.
Once the mixture is fully dissolved and you have reached a boiling point, cook until a caramel consistency has been achieved; about 15 minutes.
Pour mixture into a silk pad-lined sheet tray and allow to cool down and dry.
Once the caramel has set, break it into little pieces and store until use.


Serving Tip: Can be served with spiced rum for an extra layer of fun.